USD US$150.00
  • 기간: 4 시 (대략)

What’s Included:

20% Gratuity. 100% enjoyed by our drivers. 

Incredibly Fabulous Host. Our hosts are guaranteed to be friendly and accommodating. Comfort, timeliness and organization are standard. Want us to pick up lunch, store your wine, grab your jacket, provide a blanket/sunglasses, take a photo? We are enthusiastically on it.

Punctuality. There is nothing more reassuring than your fabulous host showing up on time (which is really 10 minutes early).

  • Choose a pickup location. We go anywhere up to 50 miles from Carlton. Unsure, send us an email

  • Portland pickup available for businesses and corporate events

Ambiance. Second only to inspiring people is your physical environment because it helps shape our moods. We aim for an experience that makes people feel comfortable, excited, and curious.

  • Music is a must. Tell us your music preferences and we’ll prepare a playlist, or connect to our bluetooth system and serve up some tunes of your own. 

  • Alcohol is not. Why dull your senses between tastings? We're here to ease the temptation by not allowing the consumption of alcohol in our vans. 

Hydration. Good for freshening up the palate and washing down the crackers you snacked on.